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Kanave Kanave Song 77


Kanave Kanave- A soulful music from Anirudh Who explained the pain you feel when the person you love loves someone else. The song where youngsters rather getting addcited to drugs addicted to this song

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Kanave Kanave Keyboard Notes:


C`C`BC`D`E`           C`C`C`BC`D`E`         C`C`C`BC`D`E` F`E`F`

AAE`      ADCB        AAE`      ADCB AAE`      ABCD AC`B

AAE`      ADCB       AAE`       ADCB AAE`     ABCD AC`B

ABC`      ABC`         ABC`BAG

ABC`      ABC`         ABC`BAG

ABC`      ABC`        ABC`BAG

ABC`      ABC`        AD`C`BAG

Next stanza:

E`E`   E`E`        D`E`D`C`    BA

E`      E`E`E`     D`E`D`C`     BA

AC`BD`C`B     ABAG           AC`BD`CB     AAA


ABC`       ABC`         ABC`BAG

ABC`       ABC`         ABC`BAG

ABC`      ABC`          ABC`BAG

ABC`      ABC`         AD`C`BAG

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